WORKMO 24-500 TB3 (Metal Case Set)

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This Workmo unit will be great to get your tools organized through 4 original Sortimo Metal Case 321E

  • Empty Workmo modular shell 
  • 4 off Sortimo Metal Case 321E (Metal Case with E set insert) 
  • 8 off sliding rails to accommodate Metal Cases  
KM321E Metal Case Set: Include: - KM321 Metal Case - Insert Boxx: 12 x A3 Red, 6 x B3 Yellow, 3 x C3 Blue, 2 x D3 Green SORTIMO patented one hand operation Perfect solution for storage of variety of fastens, drill bits, small hand tools. Perfect TOOLBOX contains all you need for one specific purpose job Insert Boxx locked in position, no flow, no rattle Protection fom inside of the lid to prevent damage to the lid
Dimensions: 44cm * 33cm * 6.6cm   Products Weight: 3.5 kg


WORKMO 24-500 TB3: SKU: 1000003825